Thursday, August 24, 2017

The News was Premature

Yesterday I wasn't paying attention while cleaning stalls, so I didn't notice Rock approaching my Mule.  I heard a bang and looked up just in time to see Rock swinging his front end away from the front bumper of my Mule with black plastic falling out of his mouth.


I scurried over to the front end of my vehicle, but didn't see any damage.  I picked up the plastic that fell out of his mouth.  It turned out to just be an end plug to the bumper and I was able to push it back in.  Rock got a "spanking" for that, which amounted to a public scolding and a swat on the wither.  He totally understood what he was being punished for and he steered clear of my Mule after that.  He's usually a good boy, so this was probably the first time he's gotten into serious trouble.  He blatantly ignored the fact that I say "no" to him every day and force him to back away when he starts mouthing the Mule.

The horses knew I was all business, so they went straight to their stalls and waited patiently while I cleaned the arena, until Bombay started calling out to me repeatedly in a whiny, crying tone.  I was surprised by how vocal he was.  I drove up to his stall and said, "What's the matter, Bombay?  Are you upset about something?"

He then pointed with his nose at a fresh pile of manure.  I burst out laughing.  "Oh no!  You pooped in your stall after I cleaned it.  What a tragedy."

I just went in and cleaned it up, but I knew he was worried that I'd chastise him.  I'm always yelling at the mares for messing up their stalls as soon as I clean them, but that's because they do it intentionally.  Having a pile of poop close by is like a security blanket for them.  It's how they mark their territory.  I often wonder if they do it as a distraction so that coyotes will eat the manure instead of them.  But Bombay is so sensitive.  He saw me spank Rock for eating the Mule and thought he was going to get spanked too.  It was so cute.  I do wish the horses would leave their stalls clean until I can at least get back into the house, though, so that I can feel like I accomplished something.

When I did get back indoors, I found myself trapped in the pantry by three pushy dogs when my phone started ringing.  I was digging a scoop of dry dog food out of the bottom of a bag and didn't want to be interrupted.  Feeding time for the dogs is super complicated with each dog being on a different diet of some wet and some dry food, and each dog requiring pills and injections with their meals.  I need to concentrate or I'll accidentally give the wrong food or the wrong pills to the wrong dog.  One time I tried to do this routine while I was half asleep, and I almost accidentally gave the wrong dog an injection of insulin, which could have killed him.

I looked at my mobile phone screen to see if it was someone I could ignore.  It was the vet's office.  I figured they were calling to verify that I'll be at next week's appointment -- something I had done just a few hours before through email.  One of my pet peeves about today's society is this excessive number of communications regarding verifying and re-verifying appointments.  Yes, if I said I will be there a few hours before, that means I will still be there.  Nothing has changed.  Relax.

But my vet's office is usually really good about not wasting my time with stuff like that, so I thought I had better answer to see what was going on.  It was the vet herself -- not the front office.  She asked how Midge's breast incision looked.  I was puzzled as to her inquiry, because I had already reported how it looked to the front office a few days ago, and she knew I would call if it got any worse.  That question just turned out to be just a warm up to the real reason she was calling.  The two masses she removed and sent to the lab came back as being cancerous.  One was mammary carcinoma.  The one on her back that was driving me crazy because it wouldn't heal and the other dogs kept licking it had a much longer name, and was a highly malignant form of cancer that will most likely come back.  Although, we have a reprieve right now, because the vet succeeded in cutting out clean borders.

She said there are drugs and treatments that can help, but they tend to cause diabetes to become uncontrolled, and we've had a hard enough time as is keeping Midge's diabetes controlled.  She said she could send her to an oncologist to monitor everything, but I said no.  She's 14 years old, and Corgi's usually live to be between 13 and 15 years, she's mostly blind and deaf, she has diabetes, and now she has cancer.  I said that if more masses keep popping up and she starts showing signs of feeling ill or being in pain, I'll put her to sleep.  She's fine for now, though, because it appears as if the cancer was limited to those masses for the moment, and they've been removed.

At least now I can make an educated decision on how to manage her health, because we know more about her situation.  I'm glad I kept pushing the surgery.  Scrappy is pretty much in the same boat.  We know that his health problem of failing kidneys will be fatal, so when he starts acting ill and losing his appetite, we'll know it's time.  Now I've just got to find out what the heck is going on with my leg.  It's getting progressively worse at night.  I can't lie on either one of my sides for even a few seconds anymore, so I need the help of sleeping pills to help me sleep on my back, which is unnatural for me.  But my stupid doctor refused to refill my sleeping pills, so I have to go back in and explain to him what is going on and why I need them, or I have to get a new general practitioner all together.  I've been too busy to look into it this month because my days have been filled with vet appointments and whatnot.


Mrs Shoes said...

For some folks, the knowing makes it a little easier. I hope you & your husband are okay. I'm sorry about little Midge.

Crystal said...

Well thats poopy but now you know and that seems reasonable. Dogs live far too short of lives :(

Linda said...

Don't put off taking care of yourself too much longer. You're the one who makes it all go round, and they need you to be healthy. I hope that the removal of the cancers prolongs her life.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - Your comment was timely. I'll write about why in my next post. I'm getting super frustrated with my inability to take care of myself because everyone else's problems are never ending. I got more bad news about Midge today, and tried to convince the vet that I'm done. I can't keep up this pace, and I need to save some money to cover my own health care costs, but I guess because I'm not screaming at the top of my lungs, no one takes me seriously. They all just keep giving me more work to do to take care of everyone else. My biggest problem is that I'm losing my ability to drive, and the dogs and I just keep getting sent to specialists who are farther and farther away. To top it all off, my air conditioning is broken in my truck and it's 105 outside, which means it's 125 inside my truck. I practically killed my dog trying to get her to and from the vet's office.