Friday, August 4, 2017

The Usual Insanity

My main goals this week were to go to all of my medical appointments and clean house.  I decided that if anyone contacted me wanting favors, he or she would be out of luck, because I've waited way too long to make progress in these two areas.  I got that one doctor appointment under my belt and then, as usual, all hell broke loose.

I used to carry my mobile phone with me down to the barn, because I wore jeans and could attach it to my belt loop.  However, since being put on a physical therapy regimen, my main wardrobe has been yoga pants, track pants, and sweat pants, so I leave my phone in the house when I do chores.  When I returned to my phone after doing chores one day this week, I found several calls and messages waiting for my attention.  That's never a good sign.  It means that someone is having an "emergency" and needs my assistance.  "Who is it this time?" I wondered.

It turned out to be my ex-neighbor.  Her house, which has been on the market for three years now, is in escrow for the third time.  She needed me to set up an appointment with a home inspector, let him into her house, and show him where everything is.  I specifically told her and her husband that because of my leg problems, I was only willing to do little tasks like closing gates and turning off lights.  I was not going to orchestrate the sale of their home, I was not going to be their property manager anymore, and I was not going to handle their appointments like a personal assistant.

My pain is too unpredictable for me to be reliable when it comes to following through on appointments.  Plus, it's just a big hassle.  I almost always have to cancel my own plans to make room for theirs.  It takes me so long to get things done on my own list that I never reach a point where I have a blank slate and some free time to help out other people.  I don't mind making sacrifices every once in a while, but these ex-neighbors have been imposing on me for way too long now.  I need to live my own life, and they need to stop taking on more projects than they can chew and then expecting everyone around them to handle what they cannot.  They do offer to pay me, but I don't need the money.  What I need is rest and less stress.

They currently have two houses for sale on opposite ends of the country, and they are shopping for a new home up north.  They moved to where they are now three years ago because they missed their friends, only to discover that their friends weren't there anymore.  Now they are lonely, so they want to move to where most of their family is located.  They can't seem to make up their minds over what they want.  A few months ago they said they were going to move back here.

Anyway, the house next door is under contract with the same people who had it under contract the first two times.  The buyers kept making unreasonable demands, which pissed off the sellers.  The sellers refused to pay for all of it, which pissed off the buyers, and they both kept canceling the contract.  The last thing I'd been told by the sellers was that if those buyers showed up on their property again, I was to call the police and have them arrested for trespassing.

The real estate agent got so frustrated with everyone arguing and changing their minds that he canceled his contract as well, saying that he just wanted out of the deal so he could wash his hands of the whole thing.  So, it must have been an unpleasant experience for everyone.

However, the seller had a change of heart, fixed up the house some more, and then offered to sell it herself (without a real estate agent) to the buyers without any increase in price.  They accepted.  However, both the sellers and the buyers are on the road traveling this month, so neither of them can physically be at the house while it is going through the escrow process.  That means that I or another friend or neighbor has to handle all of that.

Fortunately, the seller wasn't willing to wait for me to call back, so she called someone else and got them to do it.  I'm sure there will be other appointments they'll want me to handle in the future.  The home inspector will find new problems, the buyers will demand that they get fixed, the sellers will put up a stink, the buyers will threaten to back out of the contract, the sellers will begrudgingly agree to fix the stuff, and I'll be contacted to handle all those appointments.

The people who are buying the house next door are the ones who I called "squatters" because they trespassed and loitered around the property several times a week when they were camping in our area.  I got tired of them always hanging out around my barn and riding arena, because they were distracting my horses and dogs and preventing me from being able to get stuff done.  I need my animals to focus on me when I'm working with them.  It's a lot different having neighbors who have a routine vs. having strangers hanging out on a piece of land that doesn't belong to them.  The horses and dogs know they don't belong there, so they react more strongly to the strangers' presence.

Anyway, now there are people coming and going from the house next door again, so I have to work around them.  My daughter helped me clean house all day.  It stayed clean throughout the night until morning when I stepped in a puddle of dog urine, slipped, and nearly lost my other leg.  I still need help grooming the horses.  The high winds have tangled their manes, and it takes a lot longer to comb out those tangles than I can stand on one leg, so she's coming over again to help with that.

Yesterday we had some crazy weather.  It was hailing horizontally.  I thought my windows were going to break.  Then everything that wasn't anchored down got picked up and blown away.  I found one of my chairs in my neighbor's yard, smashed beyond repair.  The horses got pinned in a huddle against the barn gate.  There was nowhere they could stand to avoid getting pelted by the hurricane force winds, hail and rain.  Then the barn flooded and Lostine was too afraid to walk through the water, so she stayed by the gate all night long.  My husband came home from work and said he saw a tornado.  Sure enough, the news reported that there was touch down of a land funnel.  It's supposed to start drying out soon, which will be a welcome relief.  I like water -- just not in the form of macrobursts and flash floods.


Mrs Shoes said...

Holy cow, you guys are sure getting hit by Mother Nature this year! Our Slippers' guy, Combat Boot, is from Golden Valley; his mom has posted some gnarly weather videos of late too.

Linda said...

What a lot of real estate drama. That's very unusual for a realtor to want out of a contract! I can't even imagine adding something like that into my busy schedule. Luckily, I've never been asked.