Friday, September 1, 2017

A Little Englightened

Both Midge and I have made a little progress toward enlightenment when it comes to the reality of our health issues.  The vet thought that golf ball sized mass under Midge's incision was the cancer coming back.  I thought it was a hematoma.  She told me to use a heating pad to determine which.  A hematoma would break up under the heat, while a tumor would not.  After a few days, the golf ball is gone and only a little rise under the skin remains.  So, that's good news.

I saw a diagnostic orthopedist on Friday, and he got me one step closer to understanding the cause of my leg pain.  They took those hip and back x-rays I've been needing for the past year, and then he bent my leg every which way and jabbed his thumbs into various pressure points along my body.  He was able to narrow my leg pain down to a source.  He said that I have "pathology of the pubic bone."

What that means exactly, we don't know yet.  I have to get an MRI.  He says the bones are too close together and show some abnormalities.  Apparently, a lot of different muscles are attached to the pubic bones, and they run all the way down to the knee, which explains why I've had so much hip, groin, thigh, and knee pain.  He's thinking it might be osteoarthritis, which is what I was originally diagnosed with, but in different body parts.  It's not in my back and knee for sure.

I did a little research and found that pelvic surgeries can cause this condition, and I've had four pelvic surgeries.  One was to remove a football sized massive cystic terratoma from an ovary, one was for an endometrial ablation, and two were for uterine biopsies.  I was awake and without any pain killer during one of the biopsy attempts, and I can tell you that it was brutal.  The surgeon was prying my pelvic bones apart.

If it does turn out to be a deterioration of the joint and bones, there's not much that can be done other than another steroid shot and more physical therapy, which is disappointing.  I kind of need to use my pelvic bones when riding horses.  But at least I'm on the path to getting a correct answer to my question of why the heck my leg hurts all the time, and knowing what to expect in the future.  All I ever really wanted was to be able to make plans.  Once the doctor meets with me after reading the MRI results, I shouldn't have to wonder anymore.

In the meantime, our frickin' frackin' freakin' well pump is breaking down over a holiday weekend again.  We called the well repairman out on Thursday after the vibration from the well pump kept us up all night.  He said we just have to wait for it to break, and then he can cash in our warranty and install a new one.  We're hoping it will choose to break after the holiday.  If not, I'm moving into a hotel.  I'm sick of not having water in the middle of summer in the Arizona desert.  All these well problems we've had are making snowy climates look more appealing to me.  We always had water when we were cold.


TeresaA said...

I a glad that Midges cancer is not coming back and that you are closer to finding the cause of your pain.

Crystal said...

Good news about Midge for sure. And good you are finally getting an answer, maybe not the one you want but at least you will know. I hate the cold weather, we have had lots of times when the water lines freeze or break and its less fun to work in the cold when wet. But either way having no water is awful

Linda said...

I love to hear that you're getting some answers and I hope this means you're on a path for some relief!

Mrs Shoes said...

It don't rain but it pours... damn that well pump anyways.
I too am glad Midge is okay for now; also that you are getting some real information at last. Hang in there Nuz {{squeezy hugs}}