Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Any Day Now

Summer can end any day now.  I'm ready for it.  Gabbrielle and Rock have been so destructive in their boredom.  I finally took the new hook-over feeder away from them because they kept knocking it off the railing and rolling it around.  Gabbrielle likes to play with the gate handles because they make a lot of noise.  If it would just cool down by 10 degrees, then I could lunge their butts in the round pen until they get their ya-yas out.

Last weekend it was cool enough for some neighbors who did hit the trails on horseback, so there is hope.  This is the time of year when everyone is grumpy, not because the heat is any worse than it's been the rest of the summer, but simply because it has been dragging out for way too long.

We got a partial solution to our water leak problems.  My husband revisited my idea of the flooding in our bathroom being connected to the air conditioner on the other side of the wall, and he tested it out by turning the air conditioner off and on.  Sure enough, when it was off, the floor dried up, and when it was on, water came seeping back in.  So, I tried to get some HVAC guys out on Monday, but they kept pushing my appointment back because they were handling a flood in someone's kitchen.  I wasted all day Monday waiting for them, and they ended up coming on Tuesday.

It was kind of surreal watching all these homes destroyed by Hurricane Irma and seeing the flooding she caused while waiting to get the flooding in my bathroom addressed.  It was hard to argue that my situation was an emergency when you see what's going on elsewhere.  We've got wildfires throughout the west, clean up from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico, Hurricane Irma in the southeast, and an angry North Korea -- the journalists aren't sure where to cast their focus.  I've been wanting to call some people I know in Florida to see if they are okay, but I know that they don't have electricity and I don't want to use up what's left of their mobile phone batteries, assuming they can even get reception.

Anyway, the HVAC guys found that someone had installed a T-joint where there should have been a closed elbow in the drainage pipe for the air conditioner condensation.  My husband had noticed that one air unit had water pouring out of a pipe, while the suspect unit wasn't expelling anything more than an occasional drip.  We figured the condensation drain was clogged.  That turned out to not be the half of it.  It was probably clogged, but it also had an unintended opening for the water to flow through, which resulted in water being poured onto our home's foundation.  To top it all off, a rat had chewed a hole in the wall that went under our bathtub, so the water was damming up down there until it had nowhere to go but through the grout between our floor tiles.

I saw Stewie growling at the bathtub several times last week, but thought he was just hearing the rat clawing around down there.  Now I know he was hearing the water collecting down there.  I'm sure the rat has been drowned by now.  The HVAC guy wanted us to get an exterminator out, but I felt the problem was caused mostly by man -- probably the previous owner of the house.  This flooding could have been happening on a smaller scale ever since we moved in.  That's scary.  That would mean we've probably got plenty of black mold.

I did ask the HVAC guy about the mold, but we didn't see any and he felt like this was a more recent problem that we caught in time.  I guess the water was bypassing the open part of the T-joint only until the drain got clogged.  We're smelling wet wood now, which we didn't smell before, so I'm trusting that it wasn't a long term problem.

I'd like to say that's the end of it, but it turns out that the flooding was not related to the sound of water running in the walls when water is not being used.  That's a mystery that still needs solving.  We haven't seen water leaking anywhere else, but I'm sure something else will happen soon that will shed some light on the source, and then we will have to scramble to get that fixed.


Mrs Shoes said...

Mr Nuz is so handy (like Mr Shoes), which is an invaluable quality!

Mrs Shoes said...

I guess that was a bit abrupt... maybe I should have completed that thought.
Life on the farm too is ongoing maintenance and ingenuity; having a handy kind of guy helps so much. At least for me, I am always reassured by the fact that Mr Shoes always seems to figure out the problem & a solution. I know I'm lucky to have him -- Mr Nuz seems to be a similar type of guy. Lucky you, too. :-)