Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Little by Little, Inch by Inch

Little by little, inch by inch, I'm making progress toward my goals.  The progress definitely is not happening within the time frame I allotted for it to happen, but at least things aren't at a standstill anymore.  This weekend's big news is that the house next door sold!  That means no more Lookey Loos.  Hallelujah!

The sellers told me they would come out before closing to get the rest of their personal belongings, so I kept an eye out for them all weekend, but they never showed up.  I was worried that the contract fell through for the fourth time.  But it turned out that they worked out a deal and sold the stuff inside their house along with the house, so now it belongs to the new owner, who only plans to occupy the house for a few months out of each year.

They arranged to have someone take down the For Sale signs, but he hasn't done it yet.  I'm worried he'll take his sweet time.  I'm motivated to get those signs down ASAP, because even without the ads, if people wander up our street and see the signs, they'll still trespass on their property and mine to have a looksy.  I've learned that For Sale signs are like Welcome mats to bored tourists and snowbirds.  People view house hunting as a form of entertainment, even if they aren't in the market to buy.  It's disruptive for the neighborhood to have a bunch of strangers poking around.

Ironically, despite having the house on the market for three years and getting no offers, when they finally got it under contract, they got three other interested parties inquiring about the house in the last few weeks of escrow.  When it rains, it pours.  They probably could have sold the house for more money, if they just waited a few weeks.  But I am happy that they sold the house to people who will not live in it full-time, because that will give me a break from whatever annoying habits the new neighbors have.  Also, they bought the entire property, so I don't have to worry about it being subdivided and someone building another house next door.

'Tis the season for annoying insects.  We have dead beetles all over our garage, we keep getting bitten by fire ants, and my husband keeps finding scorpions and crickets around the place.  I've been hearing a large animal rustling around in the bushes late at night when I go to the barn.  I finally caught it in my head lamp, and it turned out to just be a fat toad hopping around.  They sure make a lot of noise.  I've also been running into kangaroo rats, and I have a herd of about 8 wild rabbits chasing me and my grain bucket around each evening.

I've shifted my focus away from the dogs and am now obsessing over Bombay.  He's almost skeletal.  I feed him a ton of hay and grain with each meal, but he refuses to eat all the hay.  I bought a fresh batch that looks and smells good, but he's just not interested in eating.  His teeth are fine, and he shouldn't have ulcers.  He's not acting sick.  He just doesn't want to eat in the heat, and I suspect that the heat is causing all the horses to sweat off the same amount of poundage they gain by whatever they eat, if not more.  So, I may have to buy a weight gain product for him before some nosy person snoops around my property, spots my skinny horse with his ribs and spine sticking out, and calls animal control.  I suspect that once it cools down and I can get some relief from this leg pain so that I can lunge and maybe ride him, he'll muscle up and look better.  He hasn't been aging as gracefully as Lostine.  He's almost 20 and she's almost 30, and she looks better than him.

At the rate things are going, I'm going to end up with an ulcer from worrying about all these animals so much.  I've gone from running a geriatric ward for dogs and horses to running an ICU unit, and soon I'll be running hospice care service.  It's all so overwhelming.

My MRI order was delayed by the holiday weekend and now it is tied up for approval from the insurance company.  I'm trying to be brave, but there are times when I just want to check myself into a hospital because I'm tired of waiting for some relief from all this pain.  Last week I could at least sleep on my stomach or back without pain, but this week there is no position I can lie or sit in without pain.  The doctor did apologize to me that there was nothing he could do for my pain until we get the MRI results, and now I'm worried that it will be another month or two before that will even happen.  Sometimes I wish I were a cute little puppy or pony limping around so that someone would get on the stick and do something to help me.  It cracks me up how people fly into panic attacks when their pets are sick or injured, but a person can be suffering in pain for months or years, and no one gives it a second thought.

I started this whole process of trying to get help for my leg pain at the beginning of the summer of 2016, because I wanted to utilize medical resources while the population was low and I'd have a better chance of getting immediate appointment times.  However, it didn't make any difference.  I still have to wait one to two months for each step to happen, even in the summer.  The stupid thing about all of this is if I go to an emergency room of a hospital, I can see a doctor, get imaging, get a diagnosis, and get treated in one day.  I should have done that from the start, because now we are heading into the fall of 2017 and I still don't have an exact diagnosis or treatment.  It's truly ridiculous.

UPDATE:  The imaging place called.  Thankfully, it is not the same place I used that mixed up my x-rays with someone else's.  They can see me in a week, and then the doctor needs another week before he can go over the results and make out a treatment plan.  A two week wait is better than the one to two months I was expecting.  I guess I can hold off on visiting the ER for two weeks.

My appointment is at 8:00 at night, strangely enough.  I had to pick the one business day my husband is home to drive me, because the location is a long way from my home.  Just trying to figure out how to get to all of these appointments is half the battle.  I couldn't have a morning appointment, because the farrier is coming.  I had an appointment with him last Friday morning, but that was the only time the doctor could see me, so I had to postpone the horses' hoof trims a week.  Then, of course, the imaging place wanted to set up my appointment for then.  I can only postpone hoof trims for so long.  The appointment time is going to interfere with the dogs' dinner and medication times, because it's a long drive and I have to arrive early to fill out paperwork.  Once again, my animals and I have needs that collide, and someone always has to take the sacrifice.

This is why when people at the vet's office tell me I have to give Midge her insulin at exactly this time and that time each day, I laugh in their faces.  Young people just don't understand reality.  In fact, the imaging place called right when I was supposed to give Midge her mid-day snack.  You know how those meal times have to be consistent and exact for diabetics.  I don't know what's up with everyone calling me at noon, but you'd think they'd be on their lunch breaks.  It's almost a given that as soon as I sit down to eat a meal, someone calls.  This is why I have so many digestive problems.  My meals constantly get interrupted.  Just now I found my half-eaten breakfast sitting by the sink.  I never got to finish it, because things got crazy with the dogs this morning.  There just aren't enough of me to go around.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Grrrrrr. Guess when the they had the first opening to see the doctor to discuss the results? My birthday. I'm sorry, but almost every year someone tries to set up a medical appointment on my birthday, and that's just a no from me, so it looks like I won't know for a little more than two weeks. The ridiculous thing about this is that my entire calendar was free and clear except for my farrier appointment and my birthday, and they managed to pick both those days.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well at least you will be getting the MRI in two weeks and that should help with a diagnosis. Good news about the house being sold. That's one thing off the list of annoyances. I'm sure once the heat lets up Bombay will start eating and fill out. Good luck with everything.

ellie k said...

It sure is good to hear that you have appointments set up. Maybe things will move along after that. I know back pain and there is no way to get comfortable with it. I am suppose to have surgery but so many others things have happened I had to postpone it for a while. Today my son in law came and cut the tree limbs over my house trying to get it safer if this storm (Irma) hits us. Looks like it will hit right now. I dragged limbs and loaded them in the truck now I am paying for it. I am right in the middle of the state and the storm is heading this way.
I pray for you and an answer for your pain. If I don't blow away I will keep on. This is a big storm 185 mile winds. My house is safe and not in a flood zone but it is two blocks from the river.

Linda said...

Wow. You are busy! I have no problem finishing meals! That's a bummer about appointment times on your birthday. I have a super hard time coordinating for appointments, too. And then it seems like the ones that do work nicely get canceled and rescheduled, like my upcoming dental appointment.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ellie - Yes, the last thing you need right now is a hurricane. We've been watching Irma, because we thought it might hit our daughter down in the Yucatan, and then we were thinking it would hit our son on the New Jersey coast. Then my neighbor said it was on track to hit him, and he lives in the middle of Florida too. I'm hoping for the best resolution to this, so no one else has to be affected.

ellie k said...

I am just south of Tampa. It looks like the storm wil go east a little and then out into the water. That would be an answer to prayers.