Monday, November 13, 2017

Bombay's Happy Day

This morning Rock and I worked on getting through the gate to the bridle trails without tripping and falling.  I must have taken him through twenty times, ten in each direction, and he was only able to completely clear the gate with all four hooves twice.  I was super tired and hot (it's been in the 80s), so I waited a long time for that second successful pass in order to wrap it up and go home.  Rock helped me drag the trash bin in from the street.  I think he missed his calling.  He really wants to be a cutting horse, because he was chasing that can like it was cattle.

When I dropped him off at the barn, Bombay asked me to take him out too.  I told him I'd try to do that in the afternoon after I've had a chance to rest and get something to drink and eat.  When I walked down the driveway in the afternoon, Bombay stepped forward to meet me at the gate.  He knew I was coming for him.

When I bought Bombay as a yearling, his breeder told me that she had a reputation for breeding Arabian horses who can be locked away all winter, and then when you pull them out in the spring, they pick up where you left off without skipping a beat.  I bought two horses from her, and had her help in picking out a third, and none of those three horses have ever been that easy.  I always have to go back to basics after some time off.

Well, now, as he's approaching the age of 20, Bombay finally made good on his breeder's word.  Taking him for a walk was like picking up where we left off six months ago.  He was a perfect gentleman respecting my space, he didn't spook once, he didn't even get himself all worked up over being taken away from the herd.  This was clearly just a leisurely stroll for him with no pressure.  He went at the same pace going home as he did going out.  He did better than Rock, who was anxiously looking around at everything like it was all new to him, and who sped up as soon as I turned him toward home.

Bombay found another pair of our jeans out in the desert.  This is different from the other pair I mentioned finding alongside a different trail.

Those wily coyotes!  They are starting to appear in my back yard when they hear my Mule's engine.  They know that when I feed the horses, the rabbits come out to eat any fallen grain.

Yup.  I remember these pockets...

I accidentally did something to the camera to flip it around and I couldn't figure out how to flip it back, so I tried out a selfie...

Then I finally figured out that I have to swipe the screen sideways to get it back to non-selfie mode.  It's impossible for me to read the screen in the sun's glare without reading glasses, and I'm really bad about taking the time to read user's manuals.

I took a picture of Bombay walking through the gate so people can see what I was working with Rock on...

This gate really isn't that high.  It looks like it's only about a foot in height, so I guess Rock is just lazy about picking up his feet.  Bombay had no problem going through.  Maybe I should start riding him again.  I just know that Bombay is a completely different horse when I'm on his back as opposed to leading him, and his spooks and teleportations are bone jarring.  I want to avoid further pain and injury, which is why I've mainly only ridden Rock in the past year.  I know that if we run into a mule or gaited horse along the trails, Rock won't flip over backward like Bombay has been known to do.  My new neighbors have gaited horses.  While Rock is not intimidated by their powerful movements, if I have him follow a gaited horse, he thinks it is running away from him, so he tends to want to run up to it and bite it on the rump.  Bombay just wants to run away from them.  Maybe having gaited horses next door all the time will help my horses understand their movements and behaviors better so that they won't act like such goobers when they get around them.

I feel so blessed to simply be able to take two horses for hikes in one day.  There were moments this past summer when I felt like my future was in a wheelchair.  So, while this was Bombay's happy day for getting out and exploring after a long, hot summer, it was also my very, very, very happy day for doing the same.


Linda said...

Love the selfie. I had a good laugh that he finally made good on the breeder's 20 years old. Quite funny. I'm glad you're out and about with the boys. I know that happy feeling very well. Such appreciation.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good for you and the horses. I'm so happy to hear you were all able to get out for a while!

Mrs Shoes said...

That's fantastic that you still felt good - and it shows on your face in that picture!
Thanks for taking a picture of your gate - I was having a hard time visualizing it.